License # CGC038684

General Contracting Service

Many Clients choose to return to Hall Construction for all their construction needs. Our repeat Clients receive the lowest cost (GC fee) possible and many benefit from a cost plus a fee arrangement.

General Contracting Advantages include:

  1. Transparency – information is shared openly and honestly.
  2. All GC fees, overhead and profits are disclosed (negotiated) up front.
  3. Our Clients receive all material, labor and Subcontractors at low (GC) Contractor prices.
  4. No profit incentive for GC to cut corners on quality or push expensive “extras”.
  5. Qualifying of Subcontractors on performance track record and low price.
  6. Our Clients “best interests” are first and foremost in all decision making.
  7. Financial security with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).
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