License # CGC038684

Ormond Beach Fire Station 94

Expertly managing our GM/GC role, we delivered a spacious new fire truck garage, amplifying operational capacity without disrupting the vital services at this active first responder hub.

Project Description

The project scope for Fire Station 94 included the integration of high-performance building systems and user-centered design to facilitate quick and effective emergency response. Attention to detail in every phase ensured the delivery of a facility that meets the dynamic needs of modern firefighting.

Key Achievements

  • Successfully executed a complex project with multiple stakeholders, delivering a state-of-the-art fire station.
  • Fostered a strong relationship with the community and local authorities through transparent and consistent communication, contributing positively to the project’s success.

Additional Information

  • Project Relevance: Precon, GM/GC, Fire Station, non-residential

Services Provided:

ormond beach fire station 94

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