License # CGC038684

Ormond Beach Fire Station 93

As GM/GC, we skillfully retrofitted the fire alarm and suppression system, ensuring uninterrupted operations at this active first responder center, all while enhancing safety and efficiency.

Project Description

Hall Construction’s development of Fire Station 93 highlighted our commitment to community safety and modern infrastructure. The project was executed with precision, incorporating advanced emergency response technologies and robust construction methodologies.

Key Achievements

  • Delivered an architecturally significant and operationally efficient fire station, enhancing the community’s emergency response capability.
  • Maintained rigorous safety and quality standards throughout the project duration, resulting in a flawless safety record.
fire station 93

Additional Information

  • Project Relevance: Precon, GM/GC, Fire Station, non-residential
  • Completed Addition/Alteration for this project

Services Provided:

Ormond Beach Fire Station 93

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